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Do your products require refrigeration?

Our herring products require refrigeration at all times. Herring is a perishable item. Our pickled meat line and eggs do not require refrigeration at anytime, even after opening. You can refrigerate these items for longer shelf life or if you like these products cold. The line of pickled vegetables that we sell require refrigeration after opening. As a general rule, whatever is required in regards to refrigeration, will be found on the label.

How long will the herring keep?

Our herring in glass jars are dated six months from our production date. The plastic deli cups are dated for four months. Once product is opened, it is best to use in three to four weeks for best taste and quality. Time, temperature, and light all destroy the quality of herring. Do not freeze herring.

Where does your herring come from?

We use the finest imported herring in the world. Our herring is wild caught and comes from the Newfoundland/New Brunswick area of Canada.

Where do your recipes come from?

Bay View Packing was established in 1923. We have five generations of Liebners’ who have been involved in pickling food. Our recipes have been with us from our beginning and refined over these many years. We do many things in much the same way as our founders did. The recipes that are popular and people enjoy, we have kept, as well as added some new twists over the years.

What kind of sugar do you use in your herring?

We use granulated beet or cane sugar. We do not use sucrose or high fructose corn syrup.

I am having trouble opening my jar.

We use plastic covers for sealing our jars. These covers expand when warm and contract when cold. If you are having trouble opening a jar, run the cap part of the jar under hot water. This will expand the cap and allow it to be opened easily.

I am having trouble opening your plastic deli cups.

There is one small tab that has break written on it. Once you break this off, your thumb or finger fits under the lid and you can lift up the cover and peel it back. The ring on the outside does not wrap around and come off. You do not need to use a knife or can opener.