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Courtney Turpin

These are the best!! This is my fourth time ordering within two months! If you were a lover of the old school
Penrose sausages than look no further because these bad boys are it!

Dennis Weber

We have been searching for the old “Penrose” polish sausage. This is as good or better! Ordered two jars, one is empty, and I’m ordering more so we don’t run out soon!

The Roses

Everyone who tried the Red Hot Polish Sausages absolutely LOVED them. If you liked the Penrose Red Hots you will LOVE these. They're hands down a better product! Very well packaged and definitely worth every penny! Again, a high quality product you will not regret buying.

Michael Vondenberger

Was looking for the Penrose hot sausages and this site popped up. With the heavy decision to make of ordering the samples, I choose to make all 3 the same pickled hot sausages. Figured the cost of just over eleven dollars a jar, and Penrose’s were like eight dollars over a decade ago…

Gillian H

This is my second time ordering these. They are soooo good! They are very tender and just amazing! I remember being able to buy these at the bar when I was a kid. My brothers and I would go there just for this reason. Love them! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Jessica Bailey

As one of the Penrose fanatics, I ordered these based on other reviews I read about how they are comparable to the discontinued Penrose variety and I’m sooooo glad I did. These sausages are delicious and are even BETTER, yes I said it, BETTER, than the old Penrose brand.